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INFOA was established in 1992 as a book publisher. Since its inception, focused mainly on foreign language publications.

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About Us

The publishing house, INFOA, started in 1992 with only 2 employees and while facing an uncertain future. As of 2002, Infoa boasts a staff complement of 25, with a branch in Slovakia and has become a successful and respected company focused on sales and services relating to language-resource publishing and distribution.

This is the story of one company, a story that is continuously being written, with verve, by its staff, just for you.

So, if you are sitting comfortably, we can begin.

We win our clients by:

  • treating them with friendliness and courtesy at all times
  • guaranteeing professional services. Our staff are fully trained and more than
  • happy to provide unbiased advice about language-teaching resources
  • always having a pleasant surprise in store for them

Please do not hesitate to contact us by:

phone: 00420/583 449 810
fax: 00420/583 456 810

INFOA International s.r.o.
Družstevní 280
789 72 Dubicko
Czech Republic

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